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Super UnDiscovered

-Miss Anxiety-

Juanita - o - La
31 May 1979
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  • briar spider

ponies are love
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i am currently (as of January 2006) in celebrity crush love with Wentworth Miller

...so forgive me my irrational moments...

control_ is my health journal.
briar_spider is my old journal (2002).
blitzen_ is for my horse, Blitzen.

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i will not be silenced. not inside my mind. i will laugh. hold hands palm up to catch your sunlight. i am alone.

sometimes, i like to think i am one tough motherfu@#er.
(wish i was a butterfly)

[an autonomous decision?]

[my hand is pervaded by liberating thoughts.] No Skin.

'Silence was ugly, it was black, it leered, it was cancerous, it was death.' Chaim Potok.

'Anything to give their hearts some meaning.' Equus.
-so let me write-

All work contained herein are my own original works-in-motion (unless otherwise indicated/identified/explained) and are therefore under copyright. Express Permission must be sought to reproduce these words in any way, and acknowledgement to the author is appreciated. © May 2002 - 2006.

p.s. i reserve the right to say whateverthefuckiwantto.

oh, and :